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Difference between Background Check and Criminal Background Check

In most circumstances, background check and criminal background check are used interchangeably. That’s why most of us are mixed up with the two terms. Background check is a general process of compiling records of employment history, criminal reports, medical examinations, and other information necessary for employment purposes. On the other side, criminal background check is an extensive and more scrupulous procedure on obtaining information of a person focusing on his criminal records, such as:

  1. a.       Arrest History and Jail time
  2. b.      Violent offender records
  3. c.       Litigation records
  4. d.      Criminal records
  5. e.      Driving/Motor Vehicle records
  6. Legal Existence
  7. g.       Known Aliases

Reasons Why Companies Conduct Criminal Background Check

Criminal background check is the most important element in employment process because this will surely determine how reliable a candidate is. This can give sufficient and appropriate evidence to the employers if the job seekers are able to be trusted. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, majority of the business organizations prefer to have criminal background check in its hiring process because of the 3 most necessary reasons:

  1. Most business organizations do not want to have persons who likely to cause problems or to have an adverse consequences.
  2.  They will be sued for inadvertently employing individuals with criminal disposition.       Some of the business organizations are mandated to identify criminals for specific positions.

But due to some employment discriminations resulted from criminal background check, a contentious campaign was set in motion by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This made the organizations on a new accountability when doing such process.  But here are the recommended safest ways for you not to get into trouble when you do criminal background check:

  • Request only criminal background check after the employment offer is made.
  • Search only for criminal convictions, not arrests
  • Allow the candidate to explain about the situation
  • Have a policy conforming to the criminal background check usage